Jaclyn Klein

Jaclyn is Growlabs' Product Designer. She has a passion for beautiful and simple designs. Before Growlabs, she worked at Otto Radio, Secret, and Growlabs. She's originally from Canada and has moved to the Bay Area 3 years ago.

Marketing Tips

How to grow your business 500% with a strong marketing segmentation strategy

Okay. Your business is growing at 10-20 percent per year. While this may be extremely impressive for a billion-dollar business like Amazon, this isn't enough for most small businesses. Not even close. Successful, high-growth companies typically have a triple-digit growth rate. So, how can your business grow 200 percent -- or even 500 percent -- next year?

A common problem for young companies is the inability to understand the specific needs of prospective clients and partners. This leads to unfocused go-to-market strategies. Ultimately, many companies are unable to efficiently allocate human and capital resources towards rapid expansion.

The key to achieving explosive growth is to implement a specific market segmentation early.