Justin West

Justin West writes email copy for Growlabs customers who want to get the most out of their leads. He has been writing high-converting email campaigns since 2010 for all kinds of companies in various industries, and his passion is constructing messages that grab people and create a memorable, persuasive effect. He joined the Growlabs team in February of 2018 as the Copywriter and Content Writer. Originally from Tennessee, Justin is a digital nomad who travels internationally.

Marketing Tips

6 Steps to Start an Effective Outbound Email Campaign

If you want your outbound emails to be effective, they have to connect with the people they’re sent to.

A recent study from MailChimp showed that segmented campaigns get 14.64% more opens and 59.99% more clicks.

The results of a well-segmented campaign are:

- Increased conversion

More personalized messaging customized to each segment and their pain points results in higher engagement and ultimately conversion.

- Bigger deals

Offering the right product to the right type of customers, at the right price increases revenue. Also, it allows you to spend less time on less lucrative markets.

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Outbound Email Sequence Tips: 13 Tips to Write the Perfect Email Cadence

Outbound Email Sequence Tips: 13 Tips to Write the Perfect Email Cadence

In this article, we’ll clarify:

- How to think about the perspective you’ll write for

- How to determine the objective of your email

- How to build up enough momentum to persuade the reader to take action

- How to use copywriting and persuasive frameworks in your writing

- Tips for email copywriting in general

- A step-by-step process to put all this into practice

Marketing Tips

How to A/B Test Email Sequences

What is an A/B Test?

An A/B test is the easiest way to test your messaging and optimize your email sequences to produce better results on future campaigns to similar audiences.

A/B testing is a method to validate that any change to an email in your sequence is improving your open rate or reply rate before you send that sequence out to a larger group of leads.

Testing Open Rates vs. Reply Rates

For true A/B testing, you want to test either the open rate or the reply rate