Rachel McLaughlin

Rachel McLaughlin is a Customer Success Manager at Growlabs. After 3 years of supporting a rapidly growing enterprise sales team at Shmoop University, an ed-tech company, she found her passion for helping customers navigate and discover ways to get the most value from technology. She joined the Growlabs team in October 2017 as the second Customer Success Manager. Originally from New Hampshire, she recently moved to San Francisco.

Product News

June 2018 - Product Update

Hey Team,

It’s not your birthday but we decided to get you something anyways...   Click Tracking is finally here! 

 And if that's not exciting enough, we've just launched Prospector, the ultimate prospecting tool, which comes free with your Growlabs account (see video below). 

Introducing Prospector by Growlabs 

We've launched an updated version of our Google Chrome Connector - Prospector by Growlabs! Take a look at this quick clip and learn more here about how you can easily find contacts and their email addresses from a company’s website with just one click.

Go to the Google Chrome Store and download the extension

Product News

April 2018 - Product Update

Roses are red, April is grey, but in a few weeks, it’s gonna be May!

Here’s what’s new with Growlabs this month.

Edit your leads' information before redemption

Looking to edit your leads' information before sending an email their way? You'll now find the edit feature in the Lead Gen tab prior to redeeming your leads.  

Product News

December 2017 - Product Update

Holiday cheer... new features are here! ☃️

A.I. Audience Reports

From your Reports tab you can now build an A.I. Audience Report to: 

  • Easily identify Firmographic trends from a group of leads in your Growlabs account
  • Create a trend report based on these findings
  • Auto-create similar audience searches based on filters commonly used amongst leads that positively responded
Product News

November 2017 - Product Update

It’s Novem-brrr, but as the weather starts to cool down, we’re heating up with exciting new features, platform updates, and announcements 

Introducing: Rules 

You can now set specific rules for your sequences that consist of a Trigger and an Action. 

There are already many rules that Growlabs has automatically applied to your account since day one, (for example, we automatically stop emailing a lead once they respond in a sequence.)

Now we’re introducing the ability for you to add additional customized rules, as well as the ability to disable one existing default rule that many of you have asked to be able to change.