Shereen Rashwan

Shereen Rashwan is a Customer Success Manager at Growlabs. She works closely with clients to help them be successful. She also works closely with the product team and sales team. Shereen worked for the ticketing app Universe as their first Customer Success Manager and joined the Growlabs team as their first Customer Success Manager in early 2017. She loves being the voice for the customer at the company and bridging the gap between users and the development team.

Product News

October 2018 - Product Update

Ready for some fall-tastic new Growlabs features and updates?

A.I. Audience Report

When looking at your current clients, you probably wonder "How can I use Growlabs to generate more leads like them?" Our A.I. Audience report feature will allow you to do just that! It's as simple as 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Upload a list of your current clients email addresses
  • Step 2: Analyze the common characteristics of your clients (ex. their industry, job title, location etc.)
  • Step 3: Push Generate audience search to review new leads that match similar search criteria!

Product News

Meet Tasks

Looking for a personalized way to scale outreach efforts to top-tier accounts?

We've launched new sequence steps that allow engagement to be individualized for every single lead. Tasks allow you to add functionality to sequences that enable sales reps to reach out to important prospects in a high-touch, personalized way, while also keeping the process as efficient and organized as possible.

Product News

Automate LinkedIn Engagement

Making your sales process more efficient and successful is a top priority at Growlabs, so we’re excited to introduce an integration with Orca: a LinkedIn automation tool.

You can now automate LinkedIn profile views and LinkedIn connection requests with all of your Growlabs leads before, or in parallel with, sending your email sequences. This integration can help your reps get noticed faster, without them opening a single LinkedIn tab. How cool is that??

Product News

July 2018 - Product Update

I spy in the month of July, new Growlabs updates! 

Growlabs Rules Update 

Our Rules tab got some TLC this month! There are two big updates for you to checkout:

Update #1: By default, when a lead gets marked as Stopped- Company Unqualified it will automatically stop emailing the other contacts that work at the same company. You can easily adjust this rule so that even if a lead gets marked as Stopped- Company Unqualified, you can continue engaging the other leads at that company.

Product News

June 2018 - Product Update - Part 2

June is a perfect month for sun, fun and a ton of Growlabs product updates! 

Zapier Update

We’ve updated our Zapier integration to include state changes! What does that mean for you? More ways to push Growlabs data to your favorite platforms. 

For example- have you been using the BCC CRM integration and wanted more data pushed over? Now you can! 

You can easily setup a Zap to create a new contact in your CRM when one of your leads moves from Pending to Ready- pushing any contact and company data available in your Growlabs account. 

Product News

March 2018 - Product Update

Business is blooming! We’ve released some new features and updates that we think will help you March forward with your sales goals this Spring.

Alexa Rank Filter (Global Rank and Country Rank)

Wondering which prospects have the most visitors or page views on their website? Find out with the newly launched Alexa Rank search filter. Note: the website ranked #1 has the best traffic (with the highest combination of unique visitors and pageviews.)

Learn how Alexa Ranks are calculated here, and head to your lead gen tab to start running audience searches using the Alexa Rank Filter.

Product News

February 2018 - Product Update

Hi Team,

Happy February, the month of heart-shaped pizzas! (We’re cutting down on chocolate, remember?)

Here’s what’s new at Growlabs:

Chrome Extension

We’re super excited about the newest update to our Chrome Extension! 

While you’re browsing on the web and / or doing manual prospecting, Growlabs is here to help you out. You’ll be able to easily view, redeem and apply leads to a sequence straight from a company's website. 

Product News

January 2018 - Product Update

Happy New Year! Our resolution is to continue to make your job easier (and also to eat less chocolate.)Here are some new features to kick off 2018:

Phone Numbers 

Pick up your telephones ladies and gents, we’ve now added phone numbers to the data you have access to through Growlabs. Phone numbers are viewable from the leads tab under your leads contact info. 

Product News

October 2017 - Product Update

We are falling into October with a variety of exciting new features and platform updates. 🍂

Read about them all below:

Custom Email Scheduling

You are now able to customize when you’d like your follow up emails to be sent. Smart pause will continue to be the default option but for those that would like more control over when emails are sent, customized sending times is the feature for you 😉

To adjust when you’d like your follow up emails sent, go to your engage tab, select a sequence and click on the gear next to the timing icon.