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November 2017 - Product Update

It’s Novem-brrr, but as the weather starts to cool down, we’re heating up with exciting new features, platform updates, and announcements 

Introducing: Rules 

You can now set specific rules for your sequences that consist of a Trigger and an Action. 

There are already many rules that Growlabs has automatically applied to your account since day one, (for example, we automatically stop emailing a lead once they respond in a sequence.)

Now we’re introducing the ability for you to add additional customized rules, as well as the ability to disable one existing default rule that many of you have asked to be able to change. 

For more information on our new rules feature, visit this help article.

Chrome Extension

Our Growlabs Chrome Extension for Salesforce users is live! 

Growlabs extension will allow you to: 

  • Enrich existing contacts within your Salesforce account. For example if you have contacts that are missing email addresses, job titles or skills, our extension can easily find and fill in this information for you
  • Identify new leads that work at companies in your Salesforce account
  • Add leads to any of your Growlabs sequences, directly from Salesforce

Filtering Leads

Review your leads from an audience search faster and easier with our new Company A → Z or Job Title A → Z filtering feature. Check out the video below to see how it works. 

Include Personal Email Addresses

We’ve now added the ability to opt-in to engaging personal email addresses (,, etc.) on any audience search. Note: by default this box will be unchecked therefore only generating and engaging professional email addresses.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Growlabs <> Sales Hacker webinar: 5 Simple Steps to Building an Outbound Growth Machine

On November 20th at 11 am PST, our CEO and Co-founder, Ben Raffi will be hosting a webinar with Scott Barker, the Head of Partnerships at Sales Hacker. They’ll be breaking down how to build a successful outbound growth machine in 5 simple steps. Ben will be answering questions like: 

  • Who should you target? 
  • How do you move people down the funnel? 
  • How do you close bigger deals faster? 

You won’t want to miss it and space is limited. Sign up here

Referral Program 

Last but certainly not least, our referral program is now in full swing! A simple introduction to companies that you think would be a good fit could lead to 20% of the revenue we generate from them straight into your pocket. If you’re interested, take 30 seconds to apply here:

Don’t be shy- try out our new features and let us know what you think! 



The Growlabs Team

Rachel McLaughlin
December 2, 2017

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