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Case Study: How a Digital Agency Used Growlabs to Increase Sales 20x in 4 months

Founded in 1995 as one of the first digital agencies in the Chicago area, Trekk is a full-service marketing agency with a focus on emerging technology.

In July of 2017, Trekk CEO Laura Bennett received a well-timed email from a Growlabs sales rep and by August 2017, Trekk had started their first outbound campaign using Growlabs. They currently have seven email sequences running simultaneously and continuously A/B test their messaging to optimize as they go.

Since its inception in 1995, any of Trekk’s resources not devoted to their clients have been spent on research and development, which is how they’ve become a leader in their industry when it comes to augmented reality and virtual reality — and also why their own marketing and sales initiatives often come last.

Before using Growlabs, Trekk’s recent new business was a result of thought leadership initiatives. Team members often speak at trade shows, conferences, and webinars. They find this approach, on its own, to be time-consuming, so they knew they wanted to add other lead generation initiatives to the mix; that’s where Growlabs came in.

“Our best success with email automation has come from super segmented campaigns. Growlabs makes it easy to find leads in multiple small segments, which allows us to keep our campaigns hyper personal and targeted.” 

Sarah Mannone - Executive VP

As big fans of content marketing — for their clients as well as themselves — Trekk has combined their Growlabs initiatives with their existing content marketing. Leads from Growlabs are directed to Trekk’s content offers and monthly newsletter; downloading or signing up, opts these leads into a nurturing workflow so that Trekk can continue the conversation and remain top of mind.

For Trekk, client relationships are key. While they didn’t expect an automated prospecting platform to offer the personal touch they needed, they’ve been pleasantly surprised at how Growlabs has enabled them to generate new leads while continuing to prioritize R&D and — most importantly — their clients.

“With very little effort we were generating new meeting requests every week. We expect to close 3 new clients this quarter, and we found them and reached out to them via Growlabs.”

Sarah Mannone - Executive VP

Ben Raffi
July 10, 2018

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