Case Study

How Giving Assistant converted 7.2% of their target market using Growlabs

Giving Assistant needed to reach out to non-profit organizations in the US to partner with them and allow shoppers to donate to the organization of their choice. After manually reaching out to several hundred NGOs, they decided it was time to scale things up. They wanted a solution that would allow them to find contacts at the organizations they were targeting and send them customized emails and follow-ups. 

After evaluating a dozen different tools, they selected Growlabs for its advanced lead generation and outbound email automation capabilities.

“We fell in love with how easy Growlabs made finding new prospects and adding them to customized sequences of emails. The quality of the leads is extremely high - they convert 3 times better than our other channels”

Isabel Figueredo -- Head of Growth

Growlabs’ bi-directional sync with Salesforce made it extremely easy for Giving Assistant to ensure they wouldn’t reach out to prospects they had already been in touch with. Every new prospect they engage via Growlabs is also automatically added to their CRM. 

Giving Assistant was able to leverage Growlabs’ proprietary database of 320 million prospects to easily identify leads that matched their ideal customer profiles and instantly add them to email sequences. 

After using Growlabs for only a few weeks, Giving Assistant’s team realized the full value the software provides as it intelligently schedules follow-up emails at the best possible time. This allowed Giving Assistant to more than double their positive response rates, from 3% to over 7.2%. 

Not only did Growlabs help Giving Assistant increase conversion, it also helped increase each sales rep’s capacity. Growlabs’ artificial intelligent software analyzes every email response and instantly classifies them. Out Of Office, negative responses or leads that need to be followed-up with later are taken care of automatically. Only positive replies are passed to the sales reps. This has helped their sales reps focus on qualified leads and save over 20 hours per rep per week, that was typically spent triaging emails, responding to unqualified leads or following up.

“The results have been transformative, converting more than 10% of our targeted prospects to customers in the first 30 days”

James Gray -- Co-founder, CEO

Ben Raffi
December 2, 2017

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