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Growlabs is now part of AdRoll Group

Two years ago, we started Growlabs with a simple vision: Helping B2B businesses grow faster. We’ve built one of the most powerful revenue engines by combining lead generation and outbound sales automation.  Recently we’ve added even more functionalities with multi-channel campaigns and our Chrome extension. Our goal is to continue building world-class technology to help our clients reach the right buyer at the right time, through the right channels. 

Today, we are incredibly excited to announce that Growlabs is joining AdRoll Group. Over the past 10 years, AdRoll has pioneered the digital advertising and retargeting landscape and has contributed to billions in incremental revenue for their customers. 

Back in February 2018, AdRoll became AdRoll Group and introduced a new growth platform called RollWorks. RollWorks is focused on helping B2B marketers reach the right people, engage with extreme relevance and drive business growth by connecting sales and marketing. This aligns perfectly with our vision and we can’t wait to join AdRoll Group on this journey -- working with them to super power your ability to drive revenue.

What will change?
Growlabs will continue operating as usual. Over time we will be adding new functionalities to our platform to help our clients reach and convert even more prospects.

Ben Raffi
November 7, 2018

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