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June 2018 - Product Update - Part 2

June is a perfect month for sun, fun and a ton of Growlabs product updates! 

Zapier Update

We’ve updated our Zapier integration to include state changes! What does that mean for you? More ways to push Growlabs data to your favorite platforms. 

For example- have you been using the BCC CRM integration and wanted more data pushed over? Now you can! 

You can easily setup a Zap to create a new contact in your CRM when one of your leads moves from Pending to Ready- pushing any contact and company data available in your Growlabs account. 

Here's an article that can walk you through how to set this up. 

Exclusion by Domain

You are now able to blacklist companies on a per audience search level. To set this up, you will need to select the Company Domain audience filter and toggle the filter from Include to Exclude. 

Once this filter has been toggled to Exclude you can either type in the company domains or upload a CSV of the company domains that you’d like to blacklist. 

LinkedIn URL Quick Links 

Have you ever reviewed your audience search results and wished for an easy way to jump to a contact or company’s LinkedIn profile? Us too. 

We’ve launched a new contact and company modal with LinkedIn URL quick links to make reviewing your leads even easier. 

Reporting View Update 

You are now able to view both Cohort and Event based activity from your Reporting dashboard. 

The Events based view will show you the exact date when actions took place. Actions include email deliveries, opens, clicks, and replies. 

A Cohort is a group of people you began engaging at the same time. For example, the month of April is a cohort, and of everyone you started to email in April, the report will show conversion percentages of how many of them opened, replied, or positively replied since April.

Business vs. Personal Emails in Prospector 

Prospector has been updated to allow you to specify whether you'd like to generate Business and/ or Personal email addresses. 

To set this up, click on your settings icon on the bottom left-hand corner of the Prospector modal. Under the Email Fetching options, select whether you'd like to generate Business, Person or both Business and Personal email addresses

Reminder to add CNAME Files

Quick reminder that click-tracking has been released 🎉 🙌🍾 Here is an article that can walk you through how to enable this feature and where you can view all your click-tracking data. 

How can we make your Growlabs experience better? We want to hear from you! Send us your questions, comments and concerns😃

Cheers, Growlabs

Shereen Rashwan
July 10, 2018

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