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Best lead generation software I've used

Very easy to use, extremely powerful. Within minutes, I was able to find leads in my target markets. From there, I was able to create several campaigns for each market. I love that they analyze emails and only pass the positive responses to my team. Save us hours of work a week!

Joyce W.

Sales Director at Multimedia Solutions

We’ve closed so many more deals

We needed to find contact info of specific people at our target companies. Growlabs made this extremely easy & fast. The data is extremely accurate. We contacted leads using email sequences. A day after we started getting positive responses! We’ve been able to increase sales velocity significantly.

Max L.

Head of Sales at iNova+

Best in class lead generation software

I use Growlabs every day. I use the advanced search filters to find prospects and then add them to a series of personalized emails. Then, I just wait for positive responses to show up in my Outlook. It’s brilliant. I almost don’t want other people to find out about it!

Ethan B.

Purchasing Manager at CUNA

Performed best against other data platforms

Growlabs helps me automate the process of gathering lead intelligence. Using Growlabs, I have completely automated what I used to spend 4 days a week doing. I now spend about 30 minutes a week doing it.

Josh N.

Director of Business Development at FactoryFour

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We accelerate growth for B2B companies across multiple industries

From small agencies to Fortune500 technology companies, we work with sales teams across the globe. If your company is selling to other businesses, we can help you identify and acquire your next clients.

The word is out.

" Growlabs combines machine learning with a database of 350 million prospects to identify and target the contacts with whom you’ll be most likely to close a sale. "

" Growlabs.com automatically surfaces positive lead responses to the top of your sales reps inboxes. Your sales reps can then connect personally with clients you now know for sure are interested in what you do or sell. "