Frequently Asked Questions

What's your pricing?

We charge per verified lead. A verified lead is a lead that matches one of your ideal customer profiles and has a verified email address. Bounces and outdated leads are automatically credited back into your account. We customize leads packages based on your needs and stage. Schedule a demo to learn more and get a quote.

Which countries / languages can I use Growlabs in?

We have clients in dozens of different countries all over the world. Our leads database covers business individuals in most markets. Our client portal is in English, but you can write all your email templates in your target markets' native languages. We have clients using us to reach out to leads in Europe, Asia, etc.

Can I use Growlabs for B2C?

Unfortunately no. We currently focus only on B2B leads.

Where do you get leads from?

Our data comes from multiple sources, included: 
- We have exclusive partnerships with data providers and data exchanges.
- We have API integration with various data platforms.
- We gather information from public websites.
- We have research contractors who verify the information gathered and research additional information as needed.